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30-12-2016 16:09
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Playing online Keno is fairly simple, all you have to do is pick up your favourite numbers and wait for all the 20 random numbers to be drawn while hoping that your selections are caught up with the ones drawn.

How To Play Online Keno

Normally, when you play keno online, the available numbers are from 1 to 80 and you have to pick up at least 3 from a board filled up with numbers in sequential order.

You can choose up to a maximum of 10 numbers, but, be careful with this because the more you select the less the total amount of payout you will receive in keno. Will show you what we mean by pay-outs later on this keno guide.

Once you have selected your numbers then it’s time to choose the amount of bet you want to make. This typically ranges from a few cents up to 100$/€ in certain online casinos. Also you will have the option to select the amount of consecutive draws you want to make for your currently selected bet, normally its either once, three times or five times, depends which keno game you are playing.

As soon as the draw is up, you will be shown the results together with the amount of winnings (if any) and that amount will be added to your balance.

Online Keno Payouts

As previously mentioned in this keno guide, you have to be careful on how many numbers you pick up as the more you pick up the more chance you have to get you selections matched up… so you question yourself, how can this be bad? The answer is simple really, the more the chances you increase with the number of pickups the lower the odds against you. Have a look at this quick payout table indicating 7 picks in online keno.

Numbers Picked & Matched Prize €1 Odds
3 25 1:73
4 50 1:327
5 500 1:1,551
6 1,500 1:7,753
7 5,000  1:40,980


Free Online Keno Game

You are good to go! … practice for free using our online keno game and when you feel comfortable enough, take advantage of our recommended online casino bonuses and start playing for real to get yourself some real money!

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